YackCasting: Yet another use for YackPack

Thanks to Clay’s constant innovation and creative thinking, we discovered another excellent use for YackPack today.

Clay wanted to be able to record live conversations using YackPack (to get around the user limit restrictions when recording with Skype). So, today we tested out recording a live conversation with YP and then publishing the conversation. Basically it’s as easy as everything else on YP:

  1. Log in
  2. Click on the person’s icon that you want to chat with
  3. Click the record button
  4. Click the “live” button and start chatting
  5. When your conversation is over, click stop
  6. Send the conversation by clicking the “send” button
  7. When you receive the new Yack, click the “share this yack” link right under the subject lineshare.jpg
  8. Choose how you want to share your Yack (as a link or embedded into a webpage) and you’re good to go!

Free, multi-person, live conversations recorded for sharing with no software required! YackPack rocks!

5 thoughts on “YackCasting: Yet another use for YackPack

  1. Cool
    This is on my future list of things to do.
    I have thought about Skype recording but this sounds easier.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for that, Kim!

    I agree YP is great for that feature, but for people wanting to be able to edit web-based conversation recordings for actual podcasts, Talkshoe seems promising, since it allows downloads of the recordings as mp3’s.

    Thanks again for the “explore” today. Ain’t it amazing how much easier it is to learn about this stuff with people a thousand miles away than it is with the teacher next door?

    And ain’t it also amazing that this will all be normal by the time I retire?

  3. Isn’t this your second link from Stephen Downes in a short period of time? You go girl!

    By the way, this is very cool! We looked at Yackpack for one of our courses where we will have to do some synchronous audio. The course is on hold now (other priorities), but I will definitely keep this in mind when it comes up again.

  4. Great feedback Kim.

    I’ll be blogging about this as another cool tool for my teams who are always looking for new and innovative communication technology over at http://nswlearnscope.com.

    Many of my team Managers and Facilitators live in rural and remote regions of Australia and anything that gives them the ability to communicate easily and make it recordable via the web is appreciated.

    I’ve added you to my more simplified blog minus the bling also. Could you please remove my previous entry in your blog roll and point at http://www.alexanderhayes.com/blog

    I’m sure you’ll appreciate the change in content 🙂

    You’ve got some great things happening in your written works of late .

  5. Dogtrax,

    I think you will like it! The fun never ends!


    No problem! Down the hall becomes around the world, right?


    Glad I could help! I love the idea of audio e-mail. Even for a speedy typer like me, it’s so much more personal!


    Thanks for the kind words and the link 🙂 Glad to see you on Twitter this week!

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