The Comment Challenge: 31 Days to Being a Better Blog Citizen

Commenting has been on my mind lately, thanks to a fabulous post and some recent conversations with Sue Waters. After talking about some of my struggles with consistently commenting, and the need for spreading the comment love all around the blogosphere, we, along with Silvia Tolisano and Michele Martin, decided to start a commenting challenge! Similar to the 31 Days to a Better Blog challenge from last year, but focused on commenting (obviously).

Here’s what we’re thinking so far (and we’d love your feedback):

We would like to have a month of focused commenting for those of us that are interested in becoming better blog citizens (thanks to Martin Weller for the phrasing) by actively participating in conversations and sharing your learning, especially with those new to blogging.

We would like to challenge participants to be better blog citizens tracking who is the commenter with:

  • The most comments on a wide range of blogs (not just the “top” edubloggers)
  • The most high quality comments that thoughtfully reflect on the topic
  • The comments that provoke and promote the most learning

Sue has even managed to secure monetary prizes from coComment and other sponsors (more details on the prizes soon).

So, what do you think? Would you like to participate? What can we do to make this a better/more interesting challenge? Are there any other (or different) categories we should include?

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55 thoughts on “The Comment Challenge: 31 Days to Being a Better Blog Citizen

  1. @Kevin

    I’m amazed at how many people are participating! What a great experience! So glad to have you on board 🙂


    Excellent! Glad you’re participating!


    No problem! Add yourself to the wiki and start commenting!

  2. @Gladys

    I’m not sure we would run the challenge again (it’s a big task), but you are more than welcome to do the activities whenever you like. We do have quite a few participants in the southern hemisphere right now – check out the wiki!

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